Care & Feeding Instructions

Sweet Sleep Cocoon

If you like the convenience of a full size bassinet but don’t have the room, the Sweet Sleep Cocoon is for you. For your newborn, the fold flat position is inviting and cozy for sleeping and rocking. As your child becomes more active, simply turn the seat and you have an upright play seat.

5-in-1 Bassinet

The First Years Carry Me Near 5-in-1 Sleep System is a portable sleeper, bassinet, bedside sleeper, play seat and changing table all in one convenient product. The three sleep modes allow you to keep your sleeping baby close to you wherever you go.

4-in-1 Bassinet

Keep your little one close day and night in this portable bassinet. During the day, you can easily move from room to room. At night, the bedside sleeper attachment means you will keep your newborn close making nighttime feedings easier.

Family Time High Chair

If you are looking for a high chair that allows your child to be at the table during your family’s meal time, this is the high chair for you. The Family Time high chair lower leg design makes it easy to pull the chair with the tray on right up to your table.

Home & Away Portable Digital Video Monitor

For today's tech-savvy and value-seeking Mom, The First Years introduces its first-ever audio-video baby monitor. Loaded with innovative features, what makes this monitor truly exceptional is its PC connectivity with Skype-ready connection.

miSwivel™ Feeding Chair

The perfect space-saving alternative to a bulky highchair. It's comfortable for newborns, easy to clean for self-feeding toddler, and easily converts to a padded booster seat for preschoolers.