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GumDrop Wide Neck Starter Set - boy

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Age Grade: birth and up
The First Years GumDrop Wide Neck Starter Set is a perfect start for your baby! Keep your baby’s tummy happy with bottles designed to help reduce colic by using GentleVent technology. 83% of Moms surveyed said their babies experienced less gas or less spit-up or less fussiness* with GentleVent. The bottle shape is designed for easy handling by mom or baby and features the same nipple shape as the GumDrop pacifier. 100% silicone nipples. BPA-Free.

This complete set includes: two 4 oz. GumDrop Wide Bottles with Gentlevent, three 8 oz. Wide Bottles with GentleVent, two additional bottle nipples, two Newborn GumDrop pacifiers, and a 40 count pack of Pacifier Wipes.

Trusted by hospitals, GumDrop is known for its one-piece contoured pacifier design and the nipple shape babies love. The innovative one-piece design is constructed of durable, latex-free silicone and is shaped to fit baby’s face while staying clear of baby’s nose.

GumDrop Pacifier Wipes safely clean pacifiers, teething toys, bottles and cup with no alcohol or harmful chemicals. Perfect for easy on-the-go cleaning!

*Based on an independent third-party in-home bottle feeding research study