IAlert FAQs

Do I need to charge IAlert before I use it?

Yes it should be fully charged before using for the first time.

My car seat will not connect.

A) confirm that your Bluetooth is turned on.
B) confirm IAlert app is installed on your phone.
C) make sure battery is charged.
D) restart your phone.

My monitor won't make sounds when an alert is received.

A) make sure volume is turned on.
B) if using android make sure alert settings are turned on.

My monitor won't send email or text.

A) make sure email or text alerts are turned on.
B) make sure you have entered valid email addresses and correct phone numbers.
C) confirm that you saved your entries.

Can I use the monitor while charging?

A) No the module must be placed in the seat for proper use.

Can this be used with other car seats?

A) IAlert is designed specifically for use with the True Fit convertible car seat