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Who We Are

Perfect parents don't exist in our world.

The first years don’t come with an instruction manual, so we know you have to think on your feet. For over 60 years, The First Years has been applying that same creative thinking to everything we do.

3 things The First Years believes above all else:

  1. Your journey as a parent is uniquely your own
  2. The not-so-smooth moments are more memorable than when the stars align
  3. Think out of the box and trust yourself; you've got this

1949 was a pretty good year.

The First Years was founded by parents more than 65 years ago. Mr. & Mrs. Sidman from Roxbury, Massachusetts were looking for the next big thing to grow a business. Marshall Sidman found it in an innovative diaper pin developed by a friend – one that wouldn’t prick parent’s fingers or baby’s skin. He approached local stores and The First Years journey began. Today, The First Years is a leading global juvenile products brand, recognized for its breadth of thoughtfully designed products that help parents through the many unexpected twists and turns on their own parenting journeys.

“Hey there! We’re Frank and Hope, here to share our take on what being a parent with two youngsters is like. Are we real experts? Not even close. But we’re hoping to make you laugh every day. Check out our videos, share with friends, and then click on over to the blog to see what else we’re up to.”

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